Monday, January 31, 2011


                                                                    Me at 21 Weeks
Pregnancy Update!!!
       Well since I havn't officially announced it over the blog here we go... WE ARE PREGNANT!!! Okay now that it's out in the open haha...we found out on January 11th that we are having a healthy baby girl. Our first little princess!!! Before we found out what we were having, I decided to prepare Matt that we might be having a girl (because he was 99% sure we were having a boy).  So, I decided to just pretend it was a girl and say it was a girl all the time haha.  Funny thing is, I think it still shocked him when the nurse said that the baby is definatley a girl. Although it took him a little bit to get used to the idea of having a little girl, he is definatly really excited about our little princess!
       The first trimester wasn't all that bad. I started taking prenatal vitamins but soon figured out that it wasn't the little gummy bear in my belly that was making me was the vitamins! So once I stopped taking those I only felt sick every once in awhile. It took a while to really feel like I was pregnant. The one thing that gave it away was when I started to get tired all the time.
        At 16 weeks I felt the little one move, I was so excited and wanted Matt to feel her but of course he couldn't just yet. Finally at 17 weeks and 6 days Matt got to feel her. He has felt her a lot now and I love having him feel her kick and punch.  I am just amazed at how strong she is already and I love him feeling it too!
        By 16 weeks I could no longer fit in normal jeans (which's time to bring out the stretchy-band jeans and flowy shirts!).  Well I am now 21 weeks and 5 days along and I am getting larger everyday. The last few weeks I have had very itchy skin which I am not a fan of at all.  I have been losing my breath really easily (kind of embarrassing) and sometimes I feel like I waddle.
        Just a few things I love right now are: having Matt touch my belly just to touch it, having Matt feel her kick, having a little belly that my husband loves, feeling her move and kick around, and I absolutely love how much we love and are attached to our little princess already and we haven't even met her yet. We love being pregnant and we are very excited that our family will be welcoming a new addition in June!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lee Family Pictures

Carter finding a hole his finger fits into haha he wouldn't keep his finger out either.
Another shot of the nose picker haha

This one is my favorite! Michelle was throwing him up and down to get him to smile, on the down we would take the shot he loved it until....

He figured out our scheme and was not going to have any thing to do with  it haha