Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Vacation!

Here is one of the activities of the week. In my parents back yard a huge tree fell down so the job was to cut it apart and drag everything to the firepit. This picture is of Brian handling the chain saw.
Here is Matt getting to use the second biggest chain saw in the world. He was so proud of himself getting to cut the big trunk of the tree!

Thanksgiving morning of course we went to a football game. Matt, Brian and my little brother Robert played and when Brian got a chance to be on the sideline Carter was always right there to hang out with his daddy. Carter was also afraid of stepping in the mud until daddy showed him how to do it......

Then we couldn't keep in out of the mud hahah

Matt and I after the game

My mom and sister Michelle cooking away. Funny story... while my mom and me were the only ones in the kitchen cooking my mom was at the stove cooking the green beans while I was peeling eggs behind her. All of the sudden i here her scream and she yells don't look as i turn around of to look I see her shove a bottle of seasoning back into the cubboard. My mom just starts laughing and so I walk over to the green beans to see the green beans still in the pan but accompanying the green beans was alot of rainbow sprinkles hahaha. My mom was so embarrassed! She had just grabbed the wrong container and didnt realize it until she had already put them in. Funny thing no one in the family ever noticed anything different. The sprinkles dissolved and didnt add any weird taste to the green beans haha.

My dad getting the turkey ready

I was so excited to meet little Max (Gin and Jasons newest little member)

Carter finally letting grandpa hold him for longer than a second... I wonder why....